"motion sensitive animation: beta" exhibition
I remember the scene from Miyazaki's "my neighbor Totoro" where characters grew plants as they swung their arms. That scene is what actually inspired me for this project.
From the time I realized that I could use my video camera to detect motion, I decided to make the Miyazaki's world come "true".
This is series of my hand generated animation that reacts to the movmement of the user in front of the screen (camera). [sample text]


"portfolio 2006" uploaded
The second version of my flash portfolio is now up on
This version is basically all animated in flash.
Concept is "a tour through my world" with a character that guide you along the way.
I like to tell stories through my drawings and animations. I am always seeking for a unique method of telling stories by using so called "new media."
I am hoping to incorporate more animation into my flash works to make my stories as live and active as possible. [sample text]